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Option 1

We work as a joint venture with our Global security partner. They manage and run all aspects of security for the project. Further details of all security services and solutions is available on request. FieldSource would build and manage the entire team required for the task, whether this be a short-term outage or a new installation, we would bring in all the required personnel to ensure the job is finished on time and within budget. As additional cover, we also have a number of specialist recruitment companies that act as our second-tier suppliers, so that if it’s a very urgent requirement, or a difficult skill set, we have the partners to make sure we can still achieve the required results. We would follow the recruitment and compliance processes as per our standard recruitment procedures. This combined solution offers the added advantage of a single company invoicing for all security and manpower with complete transparency on costs.

Option 2

The main difference is that although this would be operated and run as per option 1, rather than bring in all FieldSource personnel, we would initially bring in resource direct from the customer if they had manpower they wanted to utilise. We would then fill the gaps with the required personnel from FieldSource. This option means that all security would still be covered for the entire project, some manpower savings could be made by use of the customers available resource.
In both options, we would arrange for the mob and demob of personnel as per guidance from our Global security partner.

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